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Playstation Trophies

 Bronze: 7  Silver: 4  Gold: 1  Platinum: 0
XMB Trophy Awarded Grade
A Plausible Explanation
Discovered the origin of the "new" DeLorean
February 19, 2011
1:21:58 AM EST
Deja Marty
Perfectly repeated dialog while repeating Doc's temporal experiment
February 19, 2011
12:13:40 AM EST
Doc's Legacy
Got Doc's Notebook back from Biff
February 19, 2011
12:31:53 AM EST
Fate In Flux
Heard about the curious fate of Marshall Strickland
February 19, 2011
12:54:45 AM EST
Flawlessly mixed up a batch of Emmett's Rocket Fuel
February 19, 2011
5:15:33 PM EST
Hello, Young Friend
Talked Emmett into completing the Rocket Drill
February 19, 2011
1:56:09 AM EST
Hi Bob!
Namechecked BTTF Creators
February 19, 2011
1:08:19 AM EST
Back In Time
Traveled back in time to rescue Doc
February 19, 2011
1:01:35 AM EST
Grandpa Got Served
Delivered the subpoeana to Arthur McFly
February 19, 2011
3:34:46 PM EST
Acquired Emmett's Rocket Drill
February 19, 2011
3:57:56 PM EST
Junior Bootlegger Badge
Managed to get 190-proof alcohol delivered to Emmett's
February 19, 2011
2:31:00 AM EST
A Bicycle Built For Two
Rescued Doc from Kid Tannen
February 19, 2011
4:12:29 PM EST
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