Playstation Trophies

 Bronze: 10  Silver: 1  Gold: 0  Platinum: 0
XMB Trophy Awarded Grade
You Think That Kind Of Automation Is Easy?
Add an upgrade to a building
July 3, 2018
9:04:30 PM EDT
My Favorite When I Was A Kid
Release a Triceratops
July 3, 2018
9:13:11 PM EDT
You're The Top Minds
Research an item
July 3, 2018
8:17:23 PM EDT
It's All About Control With You
Add a task for an ACU or Ranger Team
July 3, 2018
8:23:43 PM EDT
Manually medicate a diseased dinosaur with the Ranger Team
July 3, 2018
8:59:30 PM EDT
Life Finds A Way
Release a dinosaur
July 3, 2018
7:59:38 PM EDT
Must Go Faster
Drive the Ranger Team's vehicle at top speed for 5 consecutive seconds
July 4, 2018
9:02:34 AM EDT
Nothing In Jurassic World Is Natural
Release a genetically modified dinosaur
July 4, 2018
7:30:44 AM EDT
Not Alone On This Island
Unlock Isla Muerta
July 4, 2018
8:44:34 AM EDT
Fill In The Holes And Complete The Code
Complete a genome to 100%
July 4, 2018
8:58:59 AM EDT
Spared No Expense
Unlock Isla Nublar
July 4, 2018
9:16:53 PM EDT
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